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Franchising Webinar

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Selling a Business? Avoid Doing This…!

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Ok, so in my recent article we discussed the Top 5 Sell-Side Advantages of M&A. Now assuming that you are a business owner and you have found yourself in a position to sell your business, for whatever reason, how do you go […]

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Top 5 Buy-Side Advantages of M&A

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On January 5, 2015, Fortune released an article which highlighted that, “global merger and acquisition activity hit $3.5 trillion in 2014, which is up 47% from the year before.” Using Thomas Reuters as a resource, this article is a number of recent publications […]

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Asset Sale or Stock Sale: What’s The Best M&A Deal Structure For You?

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In my previous two articles I highlighted the Top 5 Sell-Side Advantages of M&A and the Top 5 Buy-Side Advantages of M&A.

Assuming that these advantages are compelling enough to drive you to buy or sell a business, how do […]

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Top 3 Legal Danger Zones for Businesses Using Social Media

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Over the years, social media has quickly taken the reign as one of the most utilized marketing tools of businesses, both large and small. Its efficiency and effectiveness, mixed with its low-cost, has caused many businesses to directly implement social media […]

How Non-Disclosure Agreements Save Businesses

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When running a business it’s critical to understand what assets you have and how to protect those assets. An asset is anything of economic value owned or controlled by a person/organization. Whether you‘re a new business or an establish business developing […]

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Business Branding: How Strong is Your Trademark?

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For business owners, it’s very important to understand that not all trademarks are created equal. In my previous post I expressed that one of the factors taken into account when assessing trademark infringement is the “strength of the mark”.

The law has generated […]

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Trademark Infringement: What Victoria’s Secret’s Loss Should Teach Small Businesses

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In 1984, three Irish brothers entered into the world of entrepreneurism when they created Thomas Pink Ltd., a luxury-clothing brand based in London. This UK-based company, selling both men and women’s clothing, expanded its brand and eventually became a part of […]

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Copyright, Trademark, Patent: Basics of Intellectual Property

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Ok, we all know that intellectual property protection is good. We also know that we should usually choose some form of that protection to ensure our creative brain children are safeguarded, but how do we know which form is most appropriate […]

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Why Partnership Agreements Matter

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Starting a business with one or more partners is a lot like the beginning of any relationship, all parties’ hopes are high and all either one can see is a long-lasting, picturesque bond. During the honeymoon phase the relationship flourishes and […]

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