Jamal Jackson Receives Power 30 Under 30 Award

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Our own managing partner Jamal Jackson was honored last week with a Power 30 Under 30 Award by the Apex Society for his extraordinary success in business and dedication to giving back to the community. The award is one of the […]

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Are you an employer who has just received an employment discrimination complaint from the Chicago Commission on Human Relations? Are you wondering what to expect from the process? It is important to first acknowledge the gravity of your situation
Historically, prior […]

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Workers’ Compensation: What Is It and What Benefits Does It Provide?

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You’ve been a faithful employee at a local restaurant and have dedicated 20 years to great customer service and providing fine dining. One day you go to the doctor for a routine check-up and discover that you have lung cancer; you’ve […]

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Creating Growth – A Celebratory Post

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Jackson Corporate Law Offices (JCLO) is a law firm dedicated to not only providing innovative legal services but to also providing the legal platform that enables our clients to protect their business assets and generate growth.

The success of any business is […]

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Selling a Business? Avoid Doing This…!

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Ok, so in my recent article we discussed the Top 5 Sell-Side Advantages of M&A. Now assuming that you are a business owner and you have found yourself in a position to sell your business, for whatever reason, how do you go […]

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Top 5 Buy-Side Advantages of M&A

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On January 5, 2015, Fortune released an article which highlighted that, “global merger and acquisition activity hit $3.5 trillion in 2014, which is up 47% from the year before.” Using Thomas Reuters as a resource, this article is a number of recent publications […]

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Asset Sale or Stock Sale: What’s The Best M&A Deal Structure For You?

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In my previous two articles I highlighted the Top 5 Sell-Side Advantages of M&A and the Top 5 Buy-Side Advantages of M&A.

Assuming that these advantages are compelling enough to drive you to buy or sell a business, how do […]

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Top 3 Legal Missteps Entrepreneurs Make

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For many individuals, owning a business, or becoming the CEO of a previously existing business, is a sought-after dream. Many people put in hard work and dedication to ensure that this dream becomes a reality. In fact, in 2013 alone, approximately […]

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