Adjust Your Contract with a Modification Clause

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Imagine you are the President of Fruit Factory LLC, and you have just entered into a contract to provide fresh produce to FoodMart Inc. The contract stipulates that the first delivery of the produced must be received by FoodMart no later […]

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5 Types of Exemptions in Debt Collection Actions

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Have you been served with a Citation to Discover Assets from a creditor? Are you wondering which of your assets are subject to collection? Your attorney will know the specifics for defending your action, but this article describes a couple of exemptions that you […]

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5 Tips For Aiding Your Attorney During Litigation

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Litigation can be an extremely stressful and invasive process, but there are some simple ways to minimize its effects on your schedule, minimize your attorney’s fees, and improve your chances of success.

Gather Your Documents

First, begin gathering all of your supporting documents […]

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