Jackson Corporate Law Offices (JCLO) is a law firm dedicated to not only providing innovative legal services but to also providing the legal platform that enables our clients to protect their business assets and generate growth.

The success of any business is partly attributable to the team of service professionals that work in the background to make sure the business has all the elements it needs to function properly. A key part of that team is legal expertise. Legal advice is a fundamental part of creating a sound organizational foundation for any business, particularly when different business partners and sources of financing are involved. Legal oversight is crucial for developing a business and protecting its assets, including its intellectual property. This is especially important because the good will and reputation associated with a business is often one of its most valuable assets. Utilizing legal expertise is necessary to better ensure that a business can grow effectively and efficiently. Efficient and legally compliant growth ultimately creates sustainability and long term profit. Since the life-blood all business ventures is profit, growth is at the heart of business success.

The team at JCLO understands that a business’ success requires a team of professional services in a variety of disciplines

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. To that end, JCLO strives to work harmoniously with other professional services engaged with our clients’ businesses. In addition, JCLO’s large and ever growing network of non-legal professional services assures that we can provide our clients with the full array of resources needed to be a sustainable and profitable business.

At JCLO we are unique in our innovative approach because we provide comprehensive legal support, which includes advising our clients on business matters and providing business resources. Our firm also stands out because we identify with our clients, as a small business, and understand the meticulous nature of the steps it takes to be successful. In short, we understand the struggles of business ownership and we identify with the need for growth.

The JCLO team is excited to announce and celebrate its growing team by introducing our new attorneys at our Mix and Mingle Networking Event held tonight, Friday May 1, 2015 at Municipal Bar and Grill, 216 W. Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60654 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Please come out and celebrate growth and success with us!